Company Profile

The history of OKAYA began in 1669, when Sosuke Okaya established a hardware dealership in Nagoya, Japan. Since then, OKAYA has gradually evolved into a global trading company. This was made possible by its customer-oriented philosophy and sound management as well as the entrepreneurial spirit of its employees.
Today’s OKAYA is engaged in a broad range of businesses including domestic and overseas transactions in iron and steel, metals, machinery, tools, electronics, chemicals, foods, and many other products.
OKAYA has paid attention to China market, so it has made a long-term cooperation relation with China. After diplomatic relations between China and Japan entered a normal stage, OKAYA, with the formal approval of related departments, set up offices in Beijing and Shanghai. Thereafter, it has firmly believed potential of China market and laid stress on putting its operation resources into China market. Since the establishment of it’s a representative office in Shanghai in 1985, OKAYA built OKAYA (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in August 2000 through many years’ unremitting efforts. Then, it set up two branches respectively in Nanjing,Chongqing and Suzhou in 2008,2009 and 2013.
OKAYA benefits from favorable market environments and more business opportunities in enormous Chinese market. Following national strategies formulated by the Chinese government, OKAYA (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. will take full advantage of a built competitive base and a historic opportunity of China transformation from “World Factory” to “World Consumer Market” to develop key fields, and tap more business opportunities in the future. OKAYA, under the philosophy of “Becoming a Best Global Purchase Partner”, makes efforts for these objectives such as obtaining more economic and social effects and benefiting itself, partners and the society.
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